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Welcome to Science!
This is going to be an exciting year for level 8 science.  We will learn a lot about Sir Isaac Newton and his three laws of motion, and a lot more physics fun.  We will also learn about chemistry: compounds, elements and mixtures.  We will discuss Earth's natural resources and what the future will hold in terms of using renewable or non-renewable resources. We will end the year with biology: cells, genetics, populations and ecosystems.
All homework videos will be posted on the level 8 class files link.  The expectation is that you watch the videos and take notes as homework so we can spend class time doing labs and making connections about our learning.
We are working on mass, volume, density, and balanced vs unbalanced forces.  The PhET Sim assignments are available on the level 8 class links.  The documents that go along with the on-line simulations will be downloaded onto the class files page. 
We are working on potential and kinetic energy, as well as distance, rate and time, AND simple machines. The PhET Sim assignments will be posted after we have done them in class.  Physics Video 2 is now posted on the level 8 class files page.  Please watch the video and come to class with notes on Friday, November 8th. 
We are working on creating Rube Goldberg machines for our final physics project.  We are working in groups.  I have posted the Rube Goldberg presentation on the level 8 class files page- if you want to watch it again.  Have fun and be creative!
Wow! It is already January.  It is now Chemistry timeWe be learning about atoms and molecules and how they make up the universe.  Chemistry video 1 is now available on the class files page. 
Brrrr..... It is COLD out there.  Better stay inside and work on cells, DNA, genetics, and diseases.  Please check the class files page for presentations and videos.  Make sure to take notes :)
Please check out the calendar to find out what is going on each day!
Please check the level 8 science page for the notebook check checklist!
To watch the brain power point, click here The Brain
To watch the memory and movement power point, click here Memory and Movement 
If you have a hard time watching the video on the assignments page, please go to the class files page and download the video onto your laptop or computer.



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